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Four Cats on the Sidewalk

 Barn Cats 

When IMON rescues poorly socialized cats, sometimes we have to consider a non-traditional home.  These cats are healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, and in dire need of a rural outdoor home such as a barn, stable, garage, or warehouse.  These cats are not suitable to be indoor pets and have no desire to be lap cats.  These are working cats (former street cats) who are familiar with outdoor life and prefer minimal human contact.  They will happily attend to your mouse, mole, chipmunk, or vermin for the small cost of a bowl of cat food and water set out daily and shelter in a garage or barn.  Cats cannot live on hunting alone and feeding them will not reduce their inclination to hunt rodents.  Because we sterilize and vaccinate these cats coming to you, there is no need to worry about disease or endless litters of kittens.  

People who have working cats on their property rarely ever see snakes!

And they are great for BREWERIES and FACTORIES too!

There is no adoption fee for working cats.  For more information on IMON’s working cat program or to adopt a working cat, please fill out the "contact us" form.

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Want to Discuss Barn Cats:

Working Cats

for Barns, Warehouses, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Landscaping Companies, Resorts


Mice in the barn, greenhouse, or warehouse?  We can solve that problem for you!  We have lots of healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, working cats available.  NO ADOPTION FEES!


These cats can be located at nurseries, greenhouses, landscaping companies, resorts, barns, farms, and warehouses that are not located near busy streets.  The cats that we relocates are unadoptable as pets.  They are varying levels of feral or unsocial and most likely will not approach humans or solicit attention.  For the most part, they will avoid you and come out at night to eat and keep your property free from rodents.  They will need access to suitable shelter like a barn, shed, or garage.  They will also need daily cat food and water put out for them.  Cats cannot live on hunting alone and feeding them will not reduce their inclination to hunt rodents.

Get a Pair:

The Process


  • Email IMON to setup a quick site visit.  The site is checked for suitability.

  • Placement of a containment cage inside or near the building they will live in for three to four weeks. This time is necessary to teach the cats where their new home is, where their food is, who brings the food, and to get a general lay of the land.

  • Feed cats daily.

  • At the end of three to four weeks, leave containment cage door open nonchalantly for cats to exit at their will.

  • IMON will contact you to check on the status and health of the working cats.  In addition, IMON manages the cats through six month health checkups.  IMON is always available to answer any questions.

Thanks to the Parks Foundation for the assistance to get this program underway. 

Non-Toxic Pest Control

The eco-friendly, green solution to your mouse, mole, and vermin problems.  No toxins, no chemicals, 100% natural, and organic.  And as an added bonus you will be saving lives.

A working cat will keep your property rodent free for the price of daily cat food and water.  Cats cannot live on hunting alone and feeding them will not reduce their inclination to hunt rodents.  IMON is seeking homes with a barn, shed, garage, or other shelter for healthy, sterile, vaccinated, working cats.  Because these cats are not acclimated to humans, they are not adoptable and are typically euthanized in shelters, but they make great working cats.

  • Spayed or neutered

  • Vaccinated and healthy

  • No adoption fee

Keeps rodenticides from entering watersheds and killing raptors.  Great pest control for communities that value organic living.

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