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Foster Resources

  • IMON Foster and Volunteer (Private Group)


  • Write your foster's bio/kennel card and "market" your foster using these tips!

  • Follow these tricks for taking better photos of your foster, and upload a variety of photos to ShelterLuv that show off your foster's personality!

  • Ask IMON to share your foster on Facebook!

  • Keep your foster's ShelterLuv profile up to date by uploading new photos weekly!


  • Interested in fostering?  Watch Kitten Lady's videos on preparing for fosters and setting up space before you start.

  • New to fostering?  Check out Kitten Lady's Webinar Series on caring for bottle babies and growing kittens, keeping kittens healthy, and how to handle feral kittens.

  • Now that you have a foster, what do you do?  Learn how to prepare your foster for adoption.

  • Is someone interested in your foster?  Check out these potential questions to ask the adopter.

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