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Foster Resources

  • IMON Foster and Volunteer (Private Group)


Maybe you found a kitten or a stray showed up and had babies on your front porch. Maybe you are T-N-R'ing your colony and suddenly find yourself with kittens that were abandoned. Maybe your friend called for help. Whatever the reason, you have a kitten. If you can provide a warm place for them to grow and be loved, we will help get you and them set up to find a new home.


  • IMON provides financial support for veterinary care, access to ShelterLuv, vaccinations, microchipping and supplies as available.  Our group also provides a network for aid and support. The fee charged to adopters covers the cost of FIV/FeLV testing, vaccinations, and alteration surgery. 

  • As a foster parent, you are expected to provide food, shelter, and seek medical care to your charges. This includes going to veterinary appointments, administering medications, contacting potential adopters, and attending adoption events.  You are also expected to update the ShelterLuv Kennel Cards at least once a week and participate in foster education. 

  • Communication. Exceptions to expectations are made on a case-by-case basis. However, it's important to communicate your needs and communicate them often. The reality is if you haven't heard an update on your request in a couple of days, please remind us. 

If you would like to participate in our program, send us an email or use the chat to submit photos and descriptions. Here are some commonly asked questions that help the board when considering your request.


  • Are you willing to foster them until they are adopted?

  • Are you able to bring them to our adoption events on Sundays or Saturdays? (We usually host one every Sunday at Petco on Village Square and some Saturdays at Petco Governors Square.)

  • Have they seen a veterinarian?

  • If they have, are you able to provide and are willing to release their medical record?

  • If not, are you able to bring them to our vaccination clinics?

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  • Write your foster's bio/kennel card and "market" your foster using these tips!

  • Follow these tricks for taking better photos of your foster, and upload a variety of photos to ShelterLuv that show off your foster's personality!

  • Ask IMON to share your foster on Facebook!

  • Keep your foster's ShelterLuv profile up to date by uploading new photos weekly!


  • Interested in fostering?  Watch Kitten Lady's videos on preparing for fosters and setting up space before you start.

  • New to fostering?  Check out Kitten Lady's Webinar Series on caring for bottle babies and growing kittens, keeping kittens healthy, and how to handle feral kittens.

  • Now that you have a foster, what do you do?  Learn how to prepare your foster for adoption.

  • Is someone interested in your foster?  Check out these potential questions to ask the adopter.

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